Discover How to Become Your Own Interior Designer & Create a Dream Home That Turns Your Pinterest Vision Board into Reality!

You can now learn everything you need to know to become your own interior designer.

Let me tell you a little secret:

turning a house into a “dream home” can be one of the most fun, most satisfying things you ever do!

It’s true. I mean your house is the place where you spend most of your time … so having it look the way you want it to, and be comfortable and inviting, can have so many benefits.

You’ll feel happier and less stressed. Your home will become a true sanctuary from the outside world. You’ll take pride in having friends and family over. Maybe you won’t say it, but inside you’ll love the compliments flooding in from your guests, and will even ask you for advice for their own home.

The good news is you don’t have to spend lots of money on a professional interior designer to bring your vision to life. You will discover that transforming your home is loads of fun and that the sense of pride you have when you are done can be immense! In this course, you’ll discover all the principles and secrets professional designers like to guard like they are state secrets.” Armed with this information you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can achieve your design goals. Why am I revealing this? Because I’m fed up with the high fees many professional interior designers charge and the inferior work many deliver. I think you deserve to know how to professionally design your own home … so that is exactly what I’m going to tell you how to do in my new course, “Ditch Your Designer.”

Here are some examples of spaces that have transformed using the principles taught in my course:

What’s In the Ditch Your Designer Course?

Here’s exactly what this comprehensive, yet easy to follow online course contains:


Learn all the different
design styles. Discover which ones appeal to you and determine which ones are right for you and your home.

Identify Your OWN
Design Style.
Gain an in-depth understanding of what you like and dislike so you can determine what textures, tones and colours you should use in your design

Create and Analyze Your
Own Moodboar.
Dive deep into your style, what you would prefer to use, and what is a certain “hell no” which will save you time and money in the design process


Learn the Colour Basics to give you the confidence for making adventurous colour decisions that look well executed

 Colour Selection Decisions. Find out how to finalize your colour scheme to create unified look throughout your home.

Choosing a Paint Colour and Understanding the Different Paints. Learn much more about deciding which paint to use, how different paints work together and more so you can make the absolute best decisions for your home

Create a 3D Moodboard to assess all the fabric and colour swatches to ensure your scheme all works together


Furniture Placement Principles, so that you can avoid making costly errors when selecting furniture.

How To Measure Like a Pro to accurately record the space you want designed.

Create a Decision Making Chart of Design that allows you to make smart purchasing decisions in a systematic way to avoid making expensive mistakes and wasting money.


What is an Accessory – Here you’ll learn the difference between furniture and decor accessories and how to best use both with confidence

Principles of Decorating to upskill yourself to decorate and pull any room together as if a professional designer had done it themselves.

 Decorating Other Surfaces to ensure all areas in your home have been well thought out, well styled and contribute to a professional cohesive look

If You Order Now You Also Receive These FREE Bonus Gifts:

– Work through resources that help you understand your very own design style in depth so well that you’ll never question yourself and your purchasing decisions EVER again!

Say goodbye to any doubts you have about using colours in your home. This bonus helps you work through the various colour combinations to assist you in understanding which colours will best suit YOUR design style and YOUR home.

Now you can confidently layout your furniture in your home by creating accurate layout plans. These checklists ensure you are following the steps to creating a highly accurate space plans.

4). A VISUAL GUIDE TO DECORATE ALL AREAS OF THEHOME (VALUE R3500) Feeling uninspired? Use guides with actual examples with images to help decorate all areas and surfaces of your home. You will never doubt how to style your home again with this full proof guide on decorating.

Get 24/7 access to the Facebook Ditch Your Designer community. Here you can interact with like-minded individuals who are, like you, on a journey to transforming their homes. You can ask questions and receive great ideas, advice, encouragement and support. You can even share intel on where you can purchase funky décor items and let each other know when there are specials on at furniture and décor stores!

That’s R15000 Worth of Bonus Gifts Alone. Enroll for this course now and you will receive all of this free!

So let me ask you: how much would you expect to pay for advice and information that quite literally could change your life by allowing you to transform your living environment into your dream home?

Certainly, even thousands of Rands would not be unreasonable considering the fees professional interior designers charge today. Plus, you’ll also get to experience the pride and joy that come with confidently transforming your home into everything you have wanted.

But relax you won’t have to pay near that much for this transformative course. In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of our special promotional offers and receive complete access to the “Ditch Your Designer” for as low as:


Remember: the decorating tips and advice contained in this comprehensive course should allow you to save massive amounts of time and money – and that’s not even mentioning all the money you will save by avoiding the costly mistakes do-it-yourself interior designers usually make!

What other’s have to say about this course:

This course was amazing for us – I can’t believe how it understood what we needed and filled in all the gaps. We got great value working with this course

-S. Puente

My house was so bland before I learnt how to work with colour. It felt like a home with no soul. By implementing the colour selection techniques, I discovered which colours are the best for my home. Just a few changes and my home looks so different

-T. Bridges

Ditch Your Designer took all of the effort and stress out of redecorating. Mood boards that I made were exactly to our taste and we finally understood our style. It is a phenomenal course, we can’t thank you enough

-T. Naude

I was too scared to add colour to my home but this course gave me the confidence to play around with it and create a vibrant, warm and welcoming home that I have been trying to achieve for so long, but just didn’t know how to

-L. Louw

We had been trying for months to sell our home but had no interest at all! After we applied what we learnt from this course, we got 2 offers and sold the house 3 weeks after completing the home design! We couldn’t be more relived!

-K. Singh

We’re All Amateur Interior Designers Inside …

I mean who can better understand our own tastes than ourselves? But seeing an image on Pinterest and actually feeling confident enough to bring it to life are two VERY different things. If you’ve ever tried to take on an interior design project in the past chances are you quickly found yourself feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you were afraid of making expensive mistakes? Maybe you had a vision of what you want but didn’t know how to turn it into reality? Maybe you have zero creativity and have no idea where to even start? Well, this interior design course is the solution to all those voices in your head telling you that you can’t create your dream home without professional help or a massive budget. You’ll learn how to visualize a design and then use colour, space planning and professional decorating tips to bring your design to life. Here is more of what you’ll learn in this transformative course:

  • How simple design tweaks can create MASSIVE transformations in how a home or a room looks and feels
  • How to find your unique vision of what a dream home would look like and then turn that vision into reality – don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “creative” all you have to do is follow the step by step tips revealed here
  • How to create a home that you are finally proud of, where you can entertain friends and family and create beautiful memories – imagine the satisfaction and pride you’ll feel!
  • What you need to do step by step to make your home look like it was designed by an expensive professional interior designer
  • What professional interior designers currently know about colour, décor, textures and design that you don’t – and how to get this knowledge and start using it in your own home
  • How to not just make your home look more Pinterest Worthy but also how to improve your space efficiency and allow for more functional use of the layout plan
  • How to use colour, texture, patterns and scale to make your home uniquely yours
  • Industry tricks for saving time and money – plus, how to access stylish furniture and decor through our Facebook community
  • Thinking about selling your home? Discover how to use your new design skills and knowledge to boost buyer appeal and set your home above the competition
  • How to determine which items to repurpose in your home and which ones to edit out of the new design
  • How to start thinking like a professional interior designer – learn to think spatially and to see an overall picture that will allow you to create a comprehensive professional design
.. And much more

But Who Exactly Am I & Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Keshia and yes I’m a professional interior designer. But as I’ve worked with clients over the years I’ve noticed a real need for homeowners to acquire design skills themselves.

Many simply didn’t have the money to bring in a professional designer. Others had small projects that really didn’t justify the expense that would come with hiring a pro.

Well, I believe we all deserve to be happy and content inside our homes and that led me to create Ditch Your Desgner, and reveal the design secrets anybody can use to create their dream home interior.

These tips save time and save money and they let you experience the joy and satisfaction that come with creation.

Sure, you can be proud of something a professional interior designer creates for you but that pride goes to another level when you created that something yourself.

I’ve seen it again and again with those who I have taught through this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I am moving into my home in a few months?

That’s great! The sooner you start planning and finalising your design and concept ideas, the more organised you will be before you move into your new home.

What if I have existing furniture and don't want to get rid of a lot of it?

We help you systematically choose which furniture you want to repurpose, which furniture you want to sell and which furniture you want to get rid of. We understand that you can’t get EVERYTHING brand new, so we help you work with what you have already have and simply add additions to create your dream look and feel in your home.

What if I REALLY don't have a creative bone in my body?

That is absolutely no problem at all! I created this system to ensure ANYONE can do it! I know the logical, non-creatives like systems, methods, and lists to follow, which is exactly why I created the course to follow this format. It is a step-by step full-proof system that anyone, with ZERO experience, can follow.

What if I go off track and need extra time to complete the program?

That is NOT a worry! By purchasing this program you have LIFETIME access to it, which means you can complete it however fast OR slow you wish! There is absolutely NO rush and we want you to complete the program at your own pace!

How much time will it take me to implement the program?

That really does come down to how fast or slow you want to take the course. There are 15 lessons to get through. Some require more work than others. But some people have completed the course within A FEW DAYS and others can take a month, or more depending on what is going on in their life. It really comes down to YOU and how fast you wish to get things done.

What is the return policy?

We do not drip feed this program to anyone, which means you gave INSTANT access to all the modules and lessons. Because we provide instant access to my intellectual property, refunds cannot be allowed, as I am sure you can understand, there are some cheeky people who try to take advantage of this if we did offer a return policy.

Can't I figure this out on my own?

The short answer to this would be….no. Of course, you can figure out certain basic things online regarding design BUT THIS COURSE teaches you the principles that professional designers do not share with anyone. I have developed a system that pieces the entire design process together where you can avoid making horrid and expensive mistakes. It helps you develop a clear path to reach that end goal of achieving the home that you keep staring at on Pinterest but keep wondering HOW to get it.

I have a lot of experience in design, is this course for me?

Probably not. It depends how much you know, but if you have studied interior design or decorating then this would not be beneficial for you. Unless you feel like you need to brush up on certain areas of design, but if you are confident in design, I would suggest this is not for you.

I am planning on renovating my home by bashing down walls, and doing a full reno, is this course right for me?

Yes, in the sense that we can assist you with the design process of furniture selection, colors, paint, decor and assessing your own style in order to choose the correct items. BUT not in the sense that we will not be going into building tips and hints. This is an international course, where rules and regulations differ in every country. So we like to stick to the PRINCIPLES of design where they apply in worldwide.

I want to be a professional interior designer, so is this course right for me?

No, this course does not give you a degree or any certification. This course teaches my proven method of design – a method that has worked well for me. If you would like to learn to be a professional interior designer, it is best to go to a design school or to take a certified interior design course.

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